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You have found the answer to your health and fitness goals! You can start Burning Fat and Boosting Hormones today! Majestic Balance was founded by Karlton Meadows, a world-renowned and award-winning fitness authority. He can help get you into the BEST shape of your life even if you have a busy and hectic schedule. Karlton has brought fitness to the homes of other high net worth individuals, helping them integrate better health into their lifestyle and achieve their fitness dreams.

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Gym Less 4 Better Resolution

We will explore three types of people or scenarios. The 1st are those who can’t shed unwanted weight despite already going to the gym all week.

The 2nd are those whom I call the Revolutionaries, they are returning to the gym after a long hiatus, maybe as long ago as last January.

The 3rd group are those who have no desire to go and put themselves on “display” in front of a bunch of “Ken & Barbie” types at a local gym.


Get Down with BEST Moves for Your Ageless Core

I could probably move like Jagger but I don’t know exactly how I would work it into my Body Engineered Suspension Training routine 🙂 Have you ever wondered how to train your core or what makes up the Core? Well let’s start with the latter. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will spare you the list of names by posting a cursory image 🙂 Read More

PERSONAL GROWTH : Karlton outgrew leg braces only to become a sickly, scrawny, last picked, bench-riding kid.

In the early 1970’s Karlton outgrew leg braces only to become a sickly, scrawny, last picked, bench-riding kid. Imagine being a toddler whose right leg and foot turned inward to the extreme left. Visualize that little guy’s feet in shoes attached to a corrective bar brace. Well that was little Karlton with his club foot but his will to win was alive even then as he figured out how to walk in that brace. Now imagine him not being able to continue the protocol needed to complete the correction of his condition. Maybe that contributed to his lack of athleticism as a child despite his desire to be a champion like the ones he saw on the Wheaties cereal boxes. Now fast forward to young adulthood in the U.S. Navy then throw three totaled-vehicle-wrecks into the mix and you begin to get an idea of the repeated challenges he faced in just staying alive and healthy. You can also better understand what he had to overcome to grow into the accomplished athlete and fitness authority he is today. If you are facing obstacles that seem insurmountable or you just seem to be stuck, Karlton knows 1st hand how you feel and knows how to help move you forward towards actualizing your goals. In practicing what he teaches, his life echoes the testimonials of success enjoyed by his clients.

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2016 Silver Medalist

Karlton has worked with a selected group of personal trainers during his 30+ years as a fitness guru. He has been a trusted colleague to some and helped to develop others all while establishing his reputation as a fierce and determined mentor. Check out these stellar testimonials from those whom Karlton has impacted:

Karlton is the most professional and knowledgable trainer I have ever worked with. His techniques are sound and producing the results that I need. The best part about the workout is I do not feel beaten up afterwards. I feel tired but stronger. Good natured, pet loving, competent, easy to laugh and also easy to converse with while training keeps our sessions fun and over before I know it! I rate him 5 stars...only if that is the most stars you can give.

Vicki KnauffUnited States Tennis Association Champion

Working out with Karlton was a terrific experience for me. My name is Michele Wirth and prior to meeting Karlton, I had worked out with other trainers. I always seemed prone to injuries that would keep me from being able to be consistent in my efforts and it was very frustrating. From our first workout, it was clear to me that working out with Karlton would be different. He is very experienced at what he does and really took the time to give me a total workout experience that would leave me feeling accomplished; not injured. I never, the entire time that I was working out with Karlton, had an injury! I looked forward to our workout sessions and began to even love to workout on my own, in-between! Karlton is very professional and very knowledgeable. He loves what he does and cares about the success of his clients.


I had the bliss to have Karlton as my personal trainer and TRX group instructor. Meeting Karlton was the best thing that happened to my fitness & wellness; he helped me achieve my fitness goal. He makes exercise fun and pleasant by banishing exercise boredom. While training with him I observed huge differences in my strength, muscle tone, balance, and most notably in my endurance. He knows exactly when and how to push you so I achieved my goal in record time! I feel younger, healthier, I am in a better shape than I ever been (except when I was 20, lol) He is an extraordinary trainer who specializes in teaching exercises correctly to avoid injury.

Thank you Karlton, you are a true professional, I am privileged to be trained by such an expert as yourself.

Ghania Ait-GhezalaGeneticist

I have known Karlton to be an outstanding colleague and fitness professional. He exudes the qualities any client would want in a trainer: motivational, leads by example, and always expanding his knowledge and skill-set to remain current and cutting edge. In addition, he also inspires fellow trainers to reach their potential, as well. He has a positive outlook in this industry and hopes to play a big role in impacting our country's obesity epidemic. He is an up-and-coming leader in the fitness industry. And if you have an opportunity to train or work with Karlton, take it!

Biray Alsac-SeitzFitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

It has been such a pleasure to watch Karlton flourish. He is a wonderful asset to the fitness industry. He is a fitness professional that truly cares about the individuals he serves and he continually betters himself for the betterment of others. His passion for promoting fitness information through a variety of channels is amazing. He is a model of professionalism and commitment to excellence in the fitness industry. I'm proud to be a colleague of his and have seen his commitment to learning and delivering the best fitness information possible.

Jonathan RossDiscovery Channel Fitness Expert, Two-Time Personal Trainer of the Year, and Author of Abs Revealed.

“Tampa’s Top Body Engineer and TRX Technician, Karlton Meadows in Action”


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