Karlton’s Mission is his passionate commitment to revolutionizing the Fitness Industry by Elevating and Optimizing the client experience via innovative and effective exercise solutions. This helps to move clients beyond frustration to fruition with their health & fitness goals while simultaneously reducing and eliminating training induced injuries. He has proven that you can build the human body up without crossing the threshold of diminishing returns. As a consultant to your Club or facility he will share his systematic process for empowering your staff to create real results for your members in record time!

Karlton integrated his military experience of expertly designing and implementing physical training plans for 1-on-1, small groups and groups ranging from 6- 25+ individuals to help develop an exceptional club culture at the nation’s fastest growing club in the franchise.  He also drew on his experience leading assistant fitness instructors in the US Navy and his role as a Fitness Liaison between the U.S. Navy Fitness Enhancement Program and Britain’s Royal Ministry of Defence Physical Training Instructors to lead and develop 9 trainers at the record setting club mentioned above.  His leadership and efforts resulted in the club greatly exceeding monthly goals and sales by:

  • 120% for Total Agreements
  • 170% for Cash Revenue
  • 1,389% for Drafts

He generated monthly individual stats that were just as impressive with his highest being:

  • 150% for Total Agreements
  • 143% for Cash Revenue
  • 159% for Expected Drafts

His figures can be partially explained by his inter-personal skills and his experience from managing the US Navy’s version of Corporate Wellness Programs on various installations around the world including California, Georgia, Spain, Turkey, Greece, England, Bahrain and South West Asia. While doing so 90% of Sailors enrolled in the Navy’s remedial Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP) succeeded in meeting and or exceeding the Navy-wide Physical Readiness Standards. To help put that into perspective, his success rate is actually triple the batting average of Derek Jeter! And the most noted female Sailor dropped 7 inches, 13 pounds and 8% body fat in 9 weeks. While the most noted male Sailor dropped 3 inches and 5% body fat in 4 weeks.

Most Notable United Kingdom FEP Transformations

Female Dropped

Male Dropped


7 Inches

3 Inches


13 Pounds

Body Composition

8% Body Fat

5% Body Fat


9 Weeks

4 Weeks

His responsibilities also encompassed coordination, set-up, logistics and implementation of Semi-annual physical fitness assessments (PFA) measuring:

  • Body Composition
  • Flexibility
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Cardio Vascular Endurance for running, walking & swimming

Karlton attributes these experiences to expertly designing and instructing 600 TRX® and boot camp classes for diverse fitness levels during his first 8 months at the club while welcoming & serving 2,000+ guests and members. He personally performed more than 300 fitness consultations with his highest monthly conversion rates being 167% and 75%. And went on to design 700+ individualized training programs. It is worth noting that Karlton successfully increased his Body Engineering rates by 356% over three years. And since completing his Master’s degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science and his winning a 2016 USA Track & Field Silver Medal during the Outdoor Master’s Championships he has garnered a 65% increase in his consulting compensation in three months. Let him put his experience and expertise to work for your facility, your staff and your members.