• Amy Lexson: Fitness Personality & Her Body Engineering Experience

    amy-lexsonWorking with Karlton was a wonderful experience in training, education,and personal limits. He pushed me past what I thought my limits were and because of that opened doors to new, more ambitious training goals. I found a new level of focus in our sessions and was able to work harder and more efficiently. I learned a great deal on how to optimize time spent exercising and reap the most “return on investment” heard more than once. Thank you Karlton for your time and expertise in body engineering! I really did learn a lot and value the experience <3
    Amy Lexson
    Certified Personal Trainer
    Specialist in Exercise Therapy
    Specialist in Nutrition

  • Ashley From Shark Tank: Suspension Training with Body Engineering Master!!

    suspension-trainingI recently had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful person by the name of Karlton Meadows at a local gym I workout at who has that awesome passion and desire to help people reach their health and fitness goals. If you do not know who Karlton is he is definitely someone to meet not just for his sincere heart, but for his knowledge and experience in Body Engineering. After becoming friends with Karlton, since we are both trainers with different niche’s he came up with the idea of allowing me to put my usually lifting regimen on hold and train with him for 3 weeks to see how my body adapted with the TRX suspension training and core work. Well let me just tell you, after training with Karlton not only did I strengthen my core, but he also pushed me physically and mentally while explaining the different exercises along the way. Karlton works with people all over helping with flexibility, strength, weight loss, balance, sports such as golf and tennis, and anyone who is just looking to take their fitness to a new level! Here is a video of some of the exercises Karlton put me through to give you a taste of what he’s all about! Also check out his facebook page and give him a like at Majestic Balance Fitness Body Engineering!

    If you aren’t familiar with what TRX Suspension training is I will just say this much to all you gentlemen out there….it is the exact training that Mark Wahlberg uses to get his ripped physique!!!!

  • CJ: Going Gymless with Body Engineering

    Karlton-MeadowsBefore I started the Body Engineering Experience with Karlton, I was an ACE Certified personal trainer for 6 years. Due to my medical conditions, I was no longer able to train at the intensity that I needed. My health was poor due to the medical conditions. I was inactive and out of shape due to lack of exercise.
    I love the program because it is not a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to training. It includes elements of overall health incorporating balance, flexibility, posture, endurance, and core strength. I was so accustomed to lifting heavy weights and doing extensive cardio. At first, I didn’t see how Karlton’s program could yield results. In six years of training myself I was not able to achieve the results that Karlton produced in three months.
    His knowledge is excellent. After meeting Karlton, I realized he had a great deal of knowledge that I didn’t have from my certification and years of training. His rapport puts you at ease, his positive attitude and willingness to take the time to educate you is important. He takes the time to get to know you and understand where you are at physically and emotionally. You can clearly see that he has a passion for his profession. Besides, he’s easy on the eyes.
    Within 3 months, I had achieved the goals I was looking for – to be in the best health I could be in, toned, strong. I feel better and managing my health issues. My health and fitness now is really good. I am happy with the results. I have less pain and more energy. In three months I was able to slim my hips and thighs, it made me feel like I had a new body.
    The next step will be to obtain a TRX certification. I had always felt I had to be tied to a gym membership in order to work out. With the TRX, you can take it with you. I may even consider renewing my ACE certification and training clients utilizing the TRX.